After twenty-five years of searching, striving, and suffering with depression, disappointment, anxiety, and the feelings of being lost and not being enough,

I have won the war with my mind. 


I'm fully awake.


And I will tell you EXACTLY

how you can 
get here as well.  

You can end suffering.

You can end striving.

You deserve to feel peace.  

*Meditation, rituals, years of study

aren't necessary. 


There isn't a fee. 

But all of life gives and receives

so donations aren't necessary,

but are appreciated and recommended

for the exchange of good intentions.

(Usual donations range from

20 - 200 dollars for a confidential

phone session we will schedule

at your convenience - a phone session which will leave you with an ocean of relief.)

Simply donate, enter your information

 below and I will contact you quickly.

The life you hoped for can start today.

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Feartured on

"I have not stopped thinking about our conversation. And everything seems to make so much more sense. I am hoping this sense of freedom from a self-inflicted prison continues. Never talked with anyone who was so authentic, so genuine. for the first time, I am realizing that I AM ENOUGH. I am what I was meant to be. And I am pretty Damn proud. Gabe--thank you for sharing your gift and wisdom."

"The day after speaking with you,  I was able to emotionally and almost  physically remove myself from a very contentious session involving my two sons and their father. It was as if I was watching them from a distance even though I was sitting right next to them. The miracle is that I was able to witness, accept and move on in a loving and healthy way. I wasn't caught up in the drama.  I'm still sorting out so much of what you had to say.  You're such a gift to the universe, and I thank you for sharing that with me. I received more than I could have possibly hoped for and frankly I hoped for quite a bit."

"I felt a sense of stardust-like connection...I felt validated..I felt genuinely listened to and that what I say and do matters. It felt good to feel compassion about anxiety and not the typical, 'I don't know what to say to you.' Plus, I finally have an answer for it.  Thank you Gabe.  I think those of us that get the honor and pleasure of connecting with you are getting the experience of a true gift. One I know will stay with my soul."

"Although it's hard to compartmentalize what I was told - it's fascinating because 

now everything seems to flow through a 

slightly different filter.  Your info is somewhat like a mind-altering drug."

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Win The War With Your Mind

Do You Need A Miracle?

Soul Body Mind Healing 

I am truly grateful for your support.

It allows me the freedom to focus

on service to others

which I have now dedicated

my life to.