Do You Need A Miracle?

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"Although I believe in the power of prayer and intention, I was never one to put much faith in distance healing. I noticed every now and then Gabe posted 'Do you need a miracle?' on his Facebook feed, and never gave it much thought because I’ve been very fortunate. My friend’s husband, Luke, however, isn’t so lucky. He suffered for years with chronic pain due to an inoperable herniated disk at the base of his skull. After seeing numerous specialists, he found one willing to perform surgery... despite the risk of paralysis or death. I took a chance and emailed Gabe to tell him that I was concerned for Luke and the chances he was taking. I guess I just wanted reassurance that everything would be alright and thought he would send some positive “vibes.” But what happened next WAS miraculous. As a pre-operative procedure, the surgeon ordered an MRI. What he found wasn’t a herniated disk, but a tumor so massive, it had deteriorated all of the bone around the top of the spine. Luke’s neck was so unstable, a simple jolt in the car could have severed his spinal cord. He was immediately taken into emergency surgery to remove the tumor and stabilize his spine. When the doctor came out of the operating room, he told my friend, 'Luke is very lucky he kept pursuing treatment options for his pain. If he hadn’t risked surgery, we never would have found that tumor.' And this is the part that got me... 'Given its size and placement, it’s a miracle he is still alive... let alone able to breathe and move on his own. I honestly don’t know how he made it through the procedure.' After finding the tumor, they ran additional tests and discovered Luke has terminal stage-four cancer throughout his body. But now it’s almost two years later and Luke is still with us. In fact, he just got back from a week-long fishing trip, something he hadn’t been able to do for almost ten years. And when I recently had lunch with his wife, she said, 'I was never one to put too much stock in miracles, but now I can’t deny that I live with one every day.'

"I have 'known' Gabe for approximately 15 months...I believe I stumbled upon his FB page through a friend of his who posted on the wall of a spiritual page that I frequented. When I saw his profile pic I smiled instantaneously. I am clairvoyant and adept at reading spirit and I read his as being as brilliant and compassionate as they come...Our interaction was real from the start and soon I realized that he too had the capacity to read spirit and knew that I was wounded. With a manner that I can only describe as pointedly and candidly empathetic he helped me heal in a way that only he could...which is of course why our paths crossed...I don't believe in fact I began calling them Godincidences about 5 years ago...Suffice to say that meeting Gabe and reading his book Live Like A Fruit Fly was a Godsend for me...I highly recommend interacting with Gabe if you feel compelled to do have nothing to lose and everything to gain...and my guess is that a miracle is waiting right around the corner for you too..."

"Gabe himself is a miracle … His God-given healing gift and kindness are a bright light in this crazy, chaotic and very mixed up world.  Gabe provided much needed insight and perspective while opening my eyes to the miracles happening all around me, even when life continually throws curve balls. I am blessed to have met him and have him in my life."

"On the phone one night with Gabe, I mentioned my mother's debilitating struggle with fibromyalgia.  He told me to hang up, call my mother and tell her she was going to be ok and that miracles would be unfolding. I did.  Three days later, she told me she couldn't believe how great she felt.  She had energy. The 'fog' had lifted.  She was able to go up and down the stains without using the handrail.  She began painting in her studio again.  She felt it was too good to be true.  That was 8 months ago.  She still feels great. --- I asked Gabe to pray for a friend who was having disturbing symptoms of a certain cancer that ran in his family.  My friend was very concerned and anxious about his upcoming tests to diagnose his possible cancer.  Gabe encouraged me to let my friend know that 'miracles were unfolding.'  Three days later he received the wonderful news that he had no indication of cancer whatsoever.  --- After a routine mammogram showed suspicious tissue present, I was asked to return for a second mammogram and possible ultrasound to test for breast cancer.  I asked Gabe to pray for a miracle for me.  Unfortunately, this second round of tests did not rule out the possibility of cancer.  An MRI was then ordered.  It was during the MRI that I received a miraculous gift.  During the test, an unbelievable sense of peace came over me.  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I as completely fine. No cancer.  It didn't matter that I had to wait for the results.  I already knew then.  I was healed and I was completely calm.  I suffer from anxiety, and this was a miraculous gift not only of healing, but of peace, for which I am truly grateful. Three days later the test results confirmed what I already knew." 

"Coincidence? Miracles? Actions that lead up to the events that appeared as a miracle? I say WHO CARES ABOUT THE HOW OR WHY!!!! I say if you get to know Gabe, don’t be surprised when your miracles come true! In short, my mom was very ill. After communicating with Gabe on a consistent basis it gave me the encouragement and support I needed to get through the turmoil and provided hope in a hopeless situation. Yes, I have tons of friends and a loving supportive husband and family. However, when a complete stranger exudes such genuine concern and certainty that all will be well because 'it always is after connecting with him' it is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Like turning a heavy brick into sweet fresh air. I was able to take deeper breaths without the burden of the extra load of stress weight. The comfort was equivalent to Superman takes Lois Lane’s hand and flying throughout the universe.... I actually felt like he was holding my hand! There isn’t any amount of money that can buy that sense of comfort and support. He said he didn’t know why but it always turns out this way... when someone tells him their issue the issue always gets resolved. Could he really be a healer, miracle man, Dr. Bombay, Superman??? Honestly, I don’t really care about the how or why, it just 'is what it is' (as the saying goes)! Gabe was there for me on a consistent basis checking in and asking how my mom was doing and what the doctors were saying. I’m not sure why he was so certain that my mother was going to be fine but it brought me peace of mind knowing that he was so confident 'it wasn’t her time'. I remember hearing my mother’s favorite Latin song the day I thought she was going to pass away in the hospital. Again, he assured me that she 'has more to do here and it wasn’t her time'. After a few healthy months we had a few more scares! I took her to the ER against her will and once again Gabe assured me it was not a blood clot and she will recover. Consequently, after numerous tests they couldn’t find anything and released her within 24 hours. She has been home for another 24 hours and I just called to see how she was doing. She replied 'I feel great, I’m not in any pain at all, I’m doing laundry now, it’s a miracle!' My feeling is that clearly my mom isn’t going to live forever. However, once you get to know Gabe, miracles truly start to unfold. Your fears go away because he believes so strongly in his purpose and I, too, believe in him. Thank you, Gabe for all the coincidences, although my mother did just say verbatim 'IT’S A MIRACLE!'"

"Tonight I found myself in absolute tears, my stomach was all tied up in knots, it was hard to take a breath from the anxiety I was experiencing, and my heart felt very heavy.  All of this was due to massive uncertainty over the most basic of all - over love.  I talked with Gabe for a few minutes - and as my troubles and worries tumbled out - in between sobs - Gabe listened and HEARD what was really going on.  He was able to help me look deeper into my heart and soul, and helped me to see the truth, and to know that no amount of worry or tears would change or even impact the situation - that in truth, I had no control over it.  And the peace that came over me was tremendous.  Physically, I could feel the tension in my stomach start to unravel, and I could feel myself taking deep, lovely breaths, and the pain in my head and shoulders began to leave, as I was no longer burdened. I feel so much lighter, it's such an incredible blessing!! Gabe assured me that miracles are unfolding! And I told him that a huge miracle had already taken place - within me.  Thank you, Gabe for listening, for hearing me, and for showing me that as I let go of the control I though I was holding, I was able to experience the peace that passes all understanding." 

"When I think of someone you can trust; someone you can count on; someone you'll always get the 'straight-out truth from', I think of Gabe.  As a coach and a friend, Gabe is one of the few men who offers genuine love and honesty without sugar coating the way to peace.  I admire his writing and his style of coaching and recommend him to anyone who is looking for a real (loving) kick-in-the-bum to move to humility.  Thank you, Gabe!"

"In Live Like A Fruit Fly, Gabe Berman shares his recipe for living a more joyful, worthwhile, and abundant life in every way.  A witty, entertaining, and insightful read." - Deepak Chopra, Author, 

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