Do You Need A Miracle?

Soul Body Mind Healing 

"I approached Gabe Berman because, well, who couldn't use a miracle?  I found his writing this past year and instantly connected with the spirit of his words.  When we chatted about how the miracle process would go, Gabe was able to intuitively discern that I tend to over-analyze things. He guided me to stop analyzing all together.  Several weeks later, I had an epiphany about part of my professional life that had been troubling me for some time...that I'd over-analyzing.  I didn't even realize I needed a miracle in that part of my life.  But I stopped analyzing and did what my heart told me to do.  I feel relieved and I am excited about possibilities again!  Gabe is an extraordinary helper.  His insight and ability to understand someone so quickly yet completely are invaluable.  I would recommend him to anyone who needs a miracle." 

"I thought today would be a good day to update you on my husband's health and to thank you for your prayers.  I am sure they helped immensely.  He is in surgery as I write this.  He was supposed to have this surgery a few months ago, but it was postponed due to concerns about his other health issues.  He has had lots of tests over the last two months and it turns out that although he does have some continuing health issues, they are much less serious than originally thought.  His condition has been upgraded to mild, instead of severe."

"I read Gabe's book, Live Like a Fruit Fly and immediately felt connected to his spirit. So when I first saw his question on his FB wall, "do you need a miracle?" (and I did), I didn't hesitate to respond to him privately. You see, I had just spent the evening with my son in the ER. He had sliced his wrists and was an absolute mess. This wasn't the first time I had been is the situation, but for my own sanity I needed it to be the last. So I shared with Gabe the story and asked for a miracle for my son, for his sake, and for mine. That was 5 months ago. I can only say that when Gabe said to me, "miracles are unfolding right now, don't worry", I knew within the deepest recess of my being that it was true.To this day, and for the first time in 13 years, my son hasn't drank a drop of alcohol. He hasn't cut, burned or in other way abused himself or his family. He joined AA and has taken full responsibility for his well-being. A light bulb went on in his head and it revealed to him that in his soul, he didn't want to continue his self destruction, not for even one more day. Even if he were to fall off his wagon of recovery tomorrow, a sudden and immediate desire to stop the madness and 5 months of complete sobriety is the greatest gift our family has known in many years. Tell me that isn't a miracle."

"There are no words to express the peace I have gained as my life has changed so drastically this past year.  With the wisdom and support of Gabe, the events and miracles of my life continue to unfold in perfect timing.  Thank you Gabe...from the bottom of my heart."

"It's not often I stay in touch with Gabe but he found me when I needed him the most.  It was a quick 'hey' in my inbox and I started to cry.  I was suffering a very bad ear infection that was getting worse (4 days before my big trip to Hong Kong/Singapore with my Hubby and kids).  The doctor told me I couldn't fly without having a tube placed in my ear.  I didn't want to disappoint my family so I planned on getting the procedure done a day before we left.  Gabe continued to ask how I was and I told him that I was miserable!  He assured me that I would be okay..everything will work out and miracles will start to unfold.  Suddenly I felt as if the cloud over my head had been lifted and I started to feel sooo much better.  I started to feel sound coming out of my ear and felt as if Gabe took away all my pain and suffering prior to my procedure.  Gabe truly is my miracle in every way.  He is a gift from God and I can't thank him enough for just being there just when I least expected it.  I truly am fortunate to know him and I always know he's by my side when I need him.  Keep doing what you do Gabe...thanks!"